How Our Process Works

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Inform us about your property and your unique situation

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We will go over the details of your property and consider all possible solutions. We will notify you if a direct sale is the best choice.

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We will provide you with a fairly priced no-obligation cash offer.

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If you accept, we will be ready to close with a reputable local title company in as soon as seven days.

Time Frame: Once you have submitted your Alabama property’s information, and it fits our criteria, we typically send you an offer within 24 hours. If you accept, we will be able to close quickly, sometimes in just seven days. We want to help you sell your property as simply and quickly as possible. We commit to catering to your individual needs, and only do what is in your best interest for your particular circumstances. We work on your terms and close on the day of your choosing.

Joe Homebuyer listens to experts in the wholesale world. One of the most important experts we can connect with is a reputable local lender who can help us get cash to homeowners looking to sell their house fast. In this video, Hard Money Mike, a lender who’s connected with Joe Homebuyer in the past through mutual acquaintances, outlines what a homeowner should look for in a wholesaler who is interested in buying their home as well as what a real estate investor looking to buy from a wholesaler should consider. Joe Homebuyer checks every box. Hard Money Mike makes some great points, including:

  • Sometimes, wholesaling isn’t the answer. Joe Homebuyer recognizes this for individuals, which is why we offer a free cash estimate in ten minutes for homeowners wondering if we’re the right fit for them. This is an important consideration Mike points out.
  • It’s best to complete a wholesaling transaction with no friction. Joe Homebuyer chooses the fastest way to help people, whether you are selling your house fast or buying a home from us. We want to buy homes wholesale with no hassle to help both homeowners and real estate investors.
  • Everyone involved in a transaction should know and understand the numbers involved. Joe Homebuyer is honest and open about all of our properties and estimates, so both homeowners and investors know exactly what they’re getting into when they enter into the wholesale process with Joe Homebuyer.
If you want to work with a wholesaler who’s trusted in the wholesaling community, contact Joe Homebuyer today through one of the forms on our website and get an honest cash estimate in ten minutes.